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Camera Slider Rentals|Avenger Stands Rentals|Truss Rentals|Egg Crates|Aluma Beams

Ragtime Rentals has a variety of specialized Grip Equipment for rent in our inventory to meet the production needs of DP's and Key Grips on any type of Motion Picture Production, Television Production or Commercial Production. See below...

Camera Slider Rentals - SR 71 (Slide n' Glide)
Camera Slide n' Glide | Mitchell Camera Slider | Camera Sliders

Ragtime Rentals Camera Slider | SR71 Camera Slide n Glide

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We also carry 75mm-100mm-150mm Ball Mount Plates for rent along with a variety of other Camera Mount Equipment - Learn More

Black Bird Stands Rentals

 Avenger Stands Rentals
Super Avengers|Avenger Stands with Cart|Avengers|Long John Silver

The Super Avenger Stand Cart is designed to allow one person to easily maneuver. The Super Avenger Cart has two 10" offset pneumatic wheels in the front and two 8" swivel pneumatic wheels in the rear. The front wheels lock with the use of a handbrake, this makes unloading of the stand a simple one man job as seen in the inset photograph. The cart also has a milk crate compartment between the wheels. The cart with a stand mounted on it will clear a 80" tall doorway and will fit in most elevators.

Two Crank-up Steel Risers Which Extend Simultaneously at 1.7 inches per handle turn. Fold away Crank Handle Avoids Damage In Transport. The central geared column mechanism lever can be folded away during transportation. One Levelling Leg With Patented Rapid Adjustment Device, Levelling leg for ease of use on all different floor types. Also known as Lazy Leg, this adjustable leg allows you to level the stand on an uneven surface. A fundamental feature for outdoor applications.

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Boldy Truss Rentalss 
Light Weight 14" Triangle Truss | Truss Frames | Truss Rentals

Truss Rentals | Triangle TrussRagtime Rentals Boldy Truss is a proprietary designed by Danny to meet the need for a light weight truss frame system that is flexible and unique.

Boldy Truss can be used in "No Wrap" and "Wrap Frame" configurations and designed to for all size frames with the elements and tools necessary to build the frame of your choosing. All 14"

Boldy Truss Frames include corners, nuts, bolts and tools and be configured to meet the exact specifications you need.

Common No Wrap Truss Frame Rental Sizes include:

15'x30' Frames
20'x20' Frames
20'x40' Frames w/ center support
30'x30' Frames
30'x40' Frames w/ center support
and more

Common Wrap Truss Frame Rental Sizes include:

10'x20' Wrap Frames
12'x20' Wrap Frames
12'x30' Wrap Frames
12'x40' Wrap Frames
15'x30' Wrap Frames
15'x60' Wrap Frames w/ center support
20'x20' Wrap Frames
20'x30' Wrap Frames
20'x30' Wrap Frames w/ center support
20'x40' Wrap Frames
20'x40' Wrap Frames w/ center support
20'x60' Wrap Frames w/ center support
25'x50' Wrap Frames w/ center support
30'x30' Wrap Frames
30'x30' Wrap Frames w/ center support
30'x40' Wrap Frames
30'x40' Wrap Frames w/ center supports
30'x60' Wrap Frames
30'x60' Wrap frames w/ center supports
40'x40' Wrap Frames
40'x60' Wrap Frames
60'x60' Wrap Frames

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Egg Crates 
Egg Crate Rentals

 Egg Crates

Available Egg Crates Sizes:

4x4 Egg Crate
4x8 Egg Crate
6x6 Egg Crate
8x8 Egg Crate

12x12 Egg Crate
12x20 Egg Crate
20x20 Egg Crate


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Aluma Beams 
Aluma Beams RentalsAluma Beam Rentals 21 ft - 16 ft - 12 ft

The 6½"Aluma Beam strength and lightweight properties provide an optimal working combination.  Aluminum minimizes the number of total horizontal and vertical members required on the job, compared to wood.  The Aluma Beam contains a 2" x 2" plastic nailer strip which is formulated to provide nail gripping properties comparable to wood, and will not become soft in hot weather, nor brittle, nor crack in extreme cold.  Plastic nailers are much more durable than wood and will withstand repeated use as plastic is apt to self-heal upon fastener removal.

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